About Me

I am a stay at home mom who also loves homeschooling my children and the freedom that it affords us. I am also a wife to a God fearing man. We are getting ready to make some big changes as we are moving to a farm and I will then become a farm wife! That means I will get to have chickens. I am so excited. 

  I thank the Lord for the godly man that he prepared for me. This is Tim. He works very hard for our family so that I am able to stay at home with our children. He is looking forward to teaching the kids about raising animals (other than our 4 dogs and 2 cats). He is also excited to have a shop to work in out at the farm. 

This is our oldest son Ansir. We adopted our him when he was 8 years old and he is now 22 and is off on his own in California. We miss him terribly. We look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for him. 

This lovely young lady is Dezzi. She is 10 years old and enjoys trying new things. She is looking forward to having pigs and hopes to have a horse on the farm.

Lucas is 8 and loves to work with his hands and tools. He also loves tractors and is excited to move to the farm. He wants to raise goats.