Saturday, March 08, 2008

Power of Prayer

Two very good friends and I have decided to meet once a week as we work through this book. We all have children ranging in age from 12 years to 6 months old. So often I have felt alone when dealing with my tween age son and so we have decided to be a support group for each other offering suggestions for problems that arise and encouragement for the tough times. But most importantly we pray together to blanket our children with the protection that only Christ can provide. We pay for the things that have happened in the past, present and future. We also pray for ourselves as parents. That the Lord will guide our words and our actions that they may be pleasing to him. If you do not have such a support group I would like to encourage you to form one. It doesn't matter the age of your child even us adult children need prayer as we are all sinners.

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Anonymous said...

This is Caleb's mom. I have that book!

You're a great mom...I'm jealous.