Monday, December 01, 2008

Decorating For Christmas

Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holidays. I wait eagerly for the day after Thanksgiving so that I can start dragging out my decorations. There is something about the lights and the trees and of course the music. They remind me of the majestic birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. For if he He would never have been born we would have no hope!

Here is Ansir as he carefully places the ornaments in the correct places.

As you can see he has grow so tall that he must kneel to decorate the bottom half of the tree!

I have placed my nativity below the tree to remind us of the reason we celebrate! All I need now is a stable for them to fit in!

Here is the finished tree. I just love the tree because it has many decorations to remind us of the greatest gift of all.

The angels remind me of when the came to Shepherds to announce the birth of our savior Jesus Christ!

The Crosses remind me of the sacrifice that Jesus made for me. He gave me eternal life in exchange for his death!

This year we were able to have two Christmas Trees. We put this one down stairs and placed all the other decorations that do not match my theme on this tree. Being a teacher you collect many decorations during the Christmas season! I don't think you can see it bu this tree also as colored lights!

These are the Snow Babies that my mother has given me! they are so beautiful. I was not sure where I would put them this year. Then I remembered the cupcake holder I have. Surprising it holds them very well. I do think I will get some batting to put beneath them just in case they should decide not to stay in their places.

My only delema is that I am missing a box of decorations. I can't find our stockings or the garland along with many of my snow men decorations. I pray it is here but I am afraid it has been left in the storage shed!

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