Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tim's Surgery

Tim is doing just fine after having surgery last wednesday. I have a coupple pictures so you can see how jolly he is when he is on his meds. He was such a trroper after his surgery. I draged him to Niagra to attend the wedding of my cousin Angel. He spent much of the time sitting in the recliner but did attend both the wedding rehersal and the wedding/recieption. How was his mood you might be wondering. Good untill the pills wore off but that was usally when we got home. Grandpa and Tim even tried to race down the hall way and I must say that grandpa is still quick on his feet!

We went to the nurse on Tuesday to get his knee re bandaged as it was already falling off due to velcro issues and sweat pant issues. So I was able to take a picture of what the knee actually looked like under all the bandages.
I must say that the new bandages didn't last long either they are already falling off.

The nurse did say that it was healing very nicely. So that is good news. He is also able to put more pressure on it as each day goes by. I have even caught him trying to shuffle across the room with out his crutches. Don't worry I don't let him get too far before I get on his case! Please pray for a quick recovery and patience for all of us!

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