Saturday, April 25, 2009

Track Meet 1 & 2

Ansir joined track this year and seems to be enjoying himself. I have discovered that 7th grade track is a time of exploration to see what each child might be good at or enjoy competing in. Here you can see Ansir getting ready to throw the discus.

Here is the wind up.

And the pitch! It didn't get too far but if he keeps practicing he will improve!
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This is Ansir running the 200 meter dash. He likes to look at the ground.

Here he has his head up and is concentrating on the race.

Now we are at today's track meet. It was a beautiful day. These are all the boys as they walk to their starting line. They look like they are walking to the fight of their lives.
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I love this shot! He is in mid stride. No feet touching the ground and the look of determination on his face.

Another air shot but I like the shadow on this picture.

They are nearing the finish line and they are giving it all they have.

Come on Ansir you can do it You can catch him. Go! Go! Go!
Ansir may not have won his race but we sure are proud of him for trying. We just know that with time, Practice and the Lords help he will get faster. Rember it's not that you win the race its that you ran it the best you could!
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