Monday, October 18, 2010

Who or What is Wooing You!

Today I had the privilege of listening to Kirk Cameron and his wife Chelsea as they discussed marriage on Focus on the Family. If you would like to listen to the program follow this link. It is a two part message.

Making Your Marriage a High Priority 1

During the first section Kirk had mentioned that he had never been tempted to have an affair and had promised his wife and God that it would never happen. But 14 years into the marriage when things seemed to be ho hum He found himself being drawn away. He was not being drawn away by another woman but by the Church. People wanted to hear what he had to say when he was speaking, they laughed with him and made him feel important. He began to immerse himself in his ministry leaving his family behind.

Is there anything wooing you away from your spouse? Away from your children? Work, computer, internet, sports, TV... I would have never thought that ministry could be a mistress. But after hearing his message I can clearly see it now. Yes God wants us to work for him. He wants us to spend time with him reading his word spreading the gospel and so on. But if you are also blessed to have a spouse and a family he also desires for you to be involved in those relationships as well. When I think of ministry I find that there are many areas that we as an entire family can serve together, we can study Gods word together, volunteer together.

My prayer today is that God helps us to purge that mistress from our lives so that The Holy Union that God Himself instituted can remain strong and intact. That our family's will grow in love and in Gods word. In Jesus Name Amen!
Sing Praises to Your King!


A Little R&R said...

Wow!!! So true. We must be careful - what a great reminder to search our hearts and spirits to see what may be demoting our spouses or families to 3rd, 4th or 5th place. I am going to share this on FB!

Theresa said...

Great reminder. We often don't think that ministry can take us from our families, but it can. We tend to forgot our home is our ministry.