Friday, November 12, 2010

Being Thankful at Thanksgiving!

This year I would like to talk about giving thanks to our Maker and Redeemer. If you are like me there are days when you look around and you find it hard to be thankful for anything. You argued with a spouse, your child is being disobedient, there is not enough money to go around, your house needs cleaning(or fixing) or plans that you had made needed to be changed due to extenuating circumstances. It is easy to focus on the sour parts of our lives but it takes some effort (at times) to find the good.

The Bible tells us to give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."

Through out scripture there are many verses that tell us to Give thanks and praise to the God of Gods, The God of Heaven, Lord of Lords, Lord God All Mighty..... (select verses in Psalms)

When you look at these passages they all have something in common. Many of them end with one of these two phrases For he is good and His love endures forever or for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind.

We need to ask Christ to open our minds and our hearts so that this Thanksgiving we can be truly grateful. I would like to encourage you to give thanks before your meal while you are sitting down with your family. Take a little bit of time to read what God says about giving thanks and have each person offer thanks for something. Perhaps they could have a list of things they ware thankful for already prepared. Have them sit a day or so ahead and create their list to bring to the table. Younger kids might need some help with this.

Here is my list:
  • A Warm House
  • Food on my table
  • The air I breath
  • My family
  • God fearing parents
  • The freedom to Worship my Lord and Savior!
  • The opportunity to witness as a family to my father-in-law during his sickness.
  • A great church home.
  • Gods Word
  • And best of all The gift of salvation
  • The opportunity to give a safe loving home to children who need it.
  • My health and that of my family
  • Even my crazy pets who keep us entertained
  • My Good Morning Girls Group who help me to stay in God's word each day.
  • My Friday Bible study.
  • Friends who will laugh with me and cry with me but most importantly that will pray with and for me.
My list could go on and on as I take time to sit and think. Any way I pray that as you enjoy this holiday with your family and all the food you can eat. You will remember that it is because of Christ that you can do so. Let us give All Glory, Praise and Honor to our King.

Sing Praises to Your King!

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