Sunday, April 08, 2007

Dying Easter Eggs

We did not have school on Thursday so we figured that it was a perfect day to die our eggs. We had some friends from school come to our house to play so each person got to die 8 eggs. They had a fabulous time. I did not include the friends in these picture because I did not ask permission from their mother. Any how as you can see they concentrated very hard. We only had two spills. I was thankful that I do not have carpet in my kitchen.

As you can see they did a wonderful job with the eggs. Unfortunately "the Easter Bunny was not as careful and when he was sneaking the eggs out of the fridge the handle on the basket broke and all the eggs went tumbling all over the floor. It was quite the commotion. The eggs never did get hid instead they will have to go into some egg salad sandwiches. But Tim and Ansir didn't mind they have been hounding me all weekend to eat those eggs.

If you look very hard at the eggs in this picture you can see that the shells are all dented and cracked. It was a sad situation.

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