Monday, May 07, 2007

Outlaw Ranch Fieldtrip

Every year our school takes the fifth graders on an overnight field trip to Outlaw Ranch in Custer, SD. As a mother of one of those 5Th graders I was blessed to accompany them. The area is so beautiful all i can think is WOW God made this for me! He is truly an amazing God.

The children went on a beautiful nature hike. Where they learned about all of the plants and animals that find their home in the Beautiful Black Hills of SD. The children even discovered that the trees smell of vanilla and butterscotch. They were also introduced to a plant called Old Mans Beard. As you can see in the pictures they had fun tasting this edible plant.

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Nana Porcupine said...

What a neet outing for these students. I wish all children had the oportunity to enjoy and discover nature the way God meant it be enjoyed and appreciated. It looks like every student had a great time. I wish I could have been there!