Monday, May 07, 2007

A Walk For a Good Cause!

This week our school held a Walk for diabetes fund raiser. The students did an awesome job raising money for research. I believe $2700 was collected. This was an event that touched home for many of our students as one of our second graders has diabetes and needs to use an insulin pump to keep his blood sugar under control. The students learned many things about diabetes this week and have realized the importance of research. Our wonderful coordinators created an obstacle course for the children to complete. this course surrounded our entire school and the children needed to complete the obstacle course as many times as they could before the end of the time allowed. Some of the obstacles included. Jumping over a stick, dribbling a soccer ball, making a basket, hopscotch, jumping rope and of course just for fun some time in a jumping castle. As you can see the students seemed to have a great time. Even if the castle caved in.

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