Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Little Visitor

What a joyus weekend we had. Tim supprised me by aggreeing to do respite care for a 7 month old little girl. We had a fabulous time. For those who do not know we (Tim and I) are foster parents. We have been for about 5 years now. respite care is when we care for foster children for foster parents who need a break or are going on vacation and cant take the child with them for what ever reason. Unfortunately we are unable to share pictures or details about her on line. But I can tell you that she made our hearts melt. Ansir was so good with her. He put her in her stroller and pushed her all around the house. (It was to windy out side) She had a very sweet laugh that sounded like a billy goat. She had two sharp teeth and loved her food. She even slept pretty well. The first nigh she woke up about 1 and fell asleep around 2:30 then last night she woke at 2 and fell asleep after about 20 min. Then woke up again at 5 then slept again at 7. I am tired but it is so worth it. Perhaps the Lord will bless us with one of our own some day. It is times like this that I remember why we became Foster Parents. If you are interested or have ever thought about helping out abused or neglected children don't hesitate check into your local Department of Social Services today.

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