Friday, June 01, 2007

Schools Out!!!

It is over. The kids are gone, the room is cleaned, paperwork filed and now I can rest right? Wrong! Now it is time for VBS. My favorite time of the year. It will the the last one Ansir will be able to attend as a participant. Next year he will have to be a helper. Tim is even getting into the act. He will be teaching the 6th graders. I will be doing the openings, closings and all the music. Wow I better get busy picking out the songs we will learn this week. Last week we learned about 30 new songs. This year perhaps not so many but we will be reviewing some of the songs we have done for the last three years. We usually have 150 or so children attend VBS. This year we will be discovering the Way the Truth and the Life! I can't wait.

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