Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve

I have traveled to ND for Christmas to be with my hard working husband. My son, dog and I all agree that it is much colder up here. Rosco even protested by not wanting to use the bathroom. We have had an enjoyable time since our arival on Friday night. Saturday we went shopping in a town about 45 miles away. We also met Tims Brother and Sisterinlaw for lunch. We had a nice visit. Yesterday we drove the hour and a half to Tim's brothers house so that we could celebrate early. I went early so that Ansir could play with the girls and we could help make cookies ect. Again it was a nice time. The kids were so excited to see us they almost squeeled. The drive home took a while but it was worth the drive. Today we are just hanging around the house untill Tim gets off work. We are planning to go to the 11:00 Candelight service at the Elca Lutheran Church. I am excited those services are always my favorite. Tomorrow we will make a ham and all the fixings. For desert we are going to create a Gingerbread House! I'll wirte more later. Merry Christmas.


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