Friday, May 02, 2008

Castle Ruins!

Ansir had to build a castle for his Social Studies class this week. He worked hard to form the walls and the Rockie ledge. He used some kids modeling clay and toilet paper rolls.

Here he is gluing rocks around the castle. He only burned his hand once. Thats better than if i were doing it. I am sure my fingers would be blistered by the time I was done.

Here are some pictures of the finished project. I think it looks more like castle ruins than a vibrant castle. I have seen many castle ruins while traipsing around Germany with my parents. I think this aspect of his project makes it unique and unlike the other students.

My favorite part about this project is that he completed it from beggining to end all by him self. So often as a teacher I see projects that are more the parents projects than the child's project. I don't feel that this gives the child a since of accomplishment. After he received his grade I asked him how he felt about the project and he said he felt good. He was glad he did it on his own even if it did look as nice as some of the other projects that were on display. I am proud of him and look forward to seeing future project with perhaps a little more effort!

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Ansir said...

this was a good assigment mom!