Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Lost has Been Found and Other Silly Tales!

We ventureed back to the place of the lost glasses and to our surprise they were still there. They were not broken only a few small scratches. A small price to pay for fun I suppose. My son was so excited because he said he prayed to God that he would find them and wala there they were. Perhaps he will remember to take them off next time he is playing so hard.

Other Silly Tales!

I've heard about sleeping with your dog, sleeping with you cat even sleeping with your stuffed animals. But I have never heard of sleeping with your hamster. You heard me right I said hamster. I peeked in on my son last night and right next to him on his bed sat his hamster cage. I should have taken a picture but I wasn't thinking. Well to his surprise guess what was missing this morning? You got it. I awoke to loud noises coming from his room. He was desperately searching for his hamster. Well before long she was caught and it was agreed upon that he would not sleep with her again.

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