Sunday, April 27, 2008

Water Fun = Lost Glasses

My 12 year old son discovered a rope hanging from a tree today. It was hanging over Rapid Creek. ( Is any one thinking Bridge To Terabithia.?) He had a blast playing on on this rope trying to make it across the stream. I know he was having fun because he proceeded to yell across the soft ball field that he got his underwear wet! What a proud moment for me! I had asked him to please get out of the water so that he could dry and well lets just say it was to tempting to stay out! As he wt as waiding/swimming across the stream his glasses mysteriously disappeared into the water! This however did not go over too well with me. They are not cheep to replace. Thank goodness I thought to have his old pair fitted with his prescription as a spare. Non the less I was still not pleased with the situation! I had him venture into the water once again and feel the bottom of the stream for his glasses. He even had several of our church members trying to help. It was decided that we might want to try again tomorrow when the stream was clearer and the sun was over head. I hope we find them however I am afraid that even if we do they will be destroyed! Being a mother of a 12 year old is not an easy thing. Please pray for patients and understanding as I go through this new tweenage stage!

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