Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rain Forest

Each year I enjoy transforming my classroom into a rainforest. The kids have a great time making the tree. I even put green tissue paper in the lights so that it looks like we are living on the forest floor. We used paper bags to make the vines and a wardrobe box to make the tree trunk. Here is a tip.. If you tape the box to the floor it will stay upright. I know it seems like a silly thing but it took me 5 years to figure it out. Also paint out side if possible or the janitor gets a little cranky.Here is a picture of the kids painting a Rain forest Mural.
First they had to trace the picture from the Promethean board to the big paper. We got the idea from Jan Brett

Each of the children had the chance to add their special touch to the forest.
I'll try to add pictures when it is officially done. The kids are currently painting the animals that will live in the Rain forest.


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Whitney said...

I remember this! :) So creative.