Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun with the girls

On Monday we were blessed to be able to drive to MT to pick up my nieces. There are actually three little girls but we only took the two older girls. They spent the night at our house then on Tuesday we woke up early to begin our day of fun.
With everyone showered and fed we traveled about two hrs to Minot. While we were there we did several things. For starters we went to the Zoo.

Here are the children as they pretend to milk the cow.

What would a trip to the Zoo be with out wooden cut outs to put your head in. Here the girls are pretending to be penguins.

This is the oldest girl now in turtle mode.

Oh yes and what the older one does the younger one must also do!

Now I must explain this picture. There were feeding stations scattered through out the zoo. We let the kids feed some of the animals but when the quarters were gone they were done. Well they out smarted us. You see people had dropped food on the ground and the kids decided not to waist any more quarters when they could pick up the food off the ground for free to feed the animals.

Here you can see the kids feeding the donkeys.

Now the kids are posing by the pond. Gee I wonder if the youngest likes to get her picture taken?

Right as I was about to take this picture the lion in the background turned his head towards us as if to sat look at how mighty I am.

Now all of my monkeys were looking at all of there monkeys.

A bit of interesting information. There are trains all over this area. They have placed them around to remind people of the main form of transportation that caused many of the towns to form.

Right next to the zoo there was a beautiful park. So we decided to walk through it.

We found Snow cones.

The kids were very excited about them.

And they ate them with out dropping them!

Then we found a little train and of course we had to ride it!

Here is a video of everyone running through the sprinklers.

Then while leaving the zoo we drove through town and look at what we found. We found the Stavkircha (sp) any way in english it is Stav Church. There is one in Rapid City and also in Fargo Morhead i Think!

There was this great globe that was spinning on water. They have one at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha too.

The kids always think it is cool to play with.

Plus they also get to get wet!

Now the kids are posing with a statue of the man who wrote kids stories. I can't remember his name but if I find out I will let you know.

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