Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My attempt at a green thumb!

I have been discusted with parts of my yard because nothing seems to grow in those areas. While I was at home this weekend my mom gave me some plants to try. So when I got home I planted them in those stubborn locations.

This is what the area turned out like. This is directly underneath a large pine tree. I like the way it turned out and am hoping everything grows. I am also going to attempt to grow grass in the rest of the dirt location outside of the garden.

This is another area infront of our house that seems to only grow dirt. I planted some of the hen and chicks here.

While I was sorting through all the plants that I brought home I found a small Oak tree. So I built a protective barrier around the tree so that it will have a chance to grow.

Here is a close up of the little tree. I may take some of the fence or chicken wire to secure a more Pete proof area for this little guy. I don't want the dog to eat or lay on it.
T hank's for the plants mom! I'll keep you updated as to the progress of their growth!


Melissa Sutton said...

Ok! I have a correction to make. My mom said this is not a tree but a creeping vine that they have on their lattice in the back yard. So I will be replanting it to a better location for creeping. Perhaps I will bring a tree home next time.

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