Monday, June 29, 2009


This weekend we decided to pack up the pick up and head out to find a good camping sight. After driving longer than planned and looking at a dam that had way to many people on it we found this rock with a sign by it. So we decided to stop and check it out.

A little further down the road we ran into this sign.

So we got out of the car and this is what we found.

Here are the writing rocks. Apparently Indians carved pictures into these rocks.

The information told us that they could predict the future.
I just thought they looked cool. Now mind you these rocks are in the middle of nowhere! North of Granora, ND.

It was starting to get late and no one was around so we decided to set up camp. There was an out house near by, fire rings and picnic tables so we figured why not. Also there were no signs stating we couldn't camp here.

As you can see we put Tim to work starting a fire!

And cooking dinner! Hamburgers MMMM!
Oh yes and Rosco seemed to love the grease that dripped from the camp stove. We are missing the grease catcher. Or so we discovered when Rosco turned up all greasy from being dripped on.

We roasted marshmallows.

And turned them into smores.

Took a family picture thanks to the auto timer on the camera! This was the 4th try! It was quite funny getting the humans and the dog to smile and look at the camera.

The next day we packed up all of our stuff and started to drive figuring we could find a second camp spot along the Mouse River. There is only one and it was farther north than we wanted to go. So our day was spent driving. We stumbled upon this mill in Kenmare, ND.

What a Dakota treasure we found. It was awesome to see in person.

All of the gears were made by hand out of maple wood. They used it to grind wheat.
After we left Kenmare we continued to follow the Mouse River and still no place to camp all of a sudden we were in Minot! GRRR!

We decided to stay at the Rough Rider campground located just out side of Minot. It was a beautiful place to camp!
As you can tell Tim used his time to nap.

There were only about 4 other tents set up in this location and they were all spread out enough that you couldn't really hear each other.

Ansir and I found a trail near by and went for a short hike.
This is the beautiful scenery God had laid before us.

I took advantage of the beautiful back drop and snapped some pictures of Ansir with his dog.

They sure are cute together. And look at Rosco's smile. I don't think he stopped running the entire weekend.

I think this is my favorite picture taken of Ansir this weekend. I am tempted to use it for his 8th grade school picture.

Ansir is showing the Spock sign. I am not quite sure why.
Well Sunday moring came and we got up ate breakfast and packed up. We decieded to visitn the church that my mom's cousin Pastor Paul Kreuger is serving at. It was a delightful service.

On the road again. This time we stoped at White Earth Dam nesseled just north of White Earth, ND. This was so beautiful. We decieded that our next big camping trip would be to this spot. Again they only have outhouses but there were not many other people there to contend with. We also discovered that we can launch our boat on this little dam. We figure it would be a nice place to test it out after being in storage for over a year.

Check out this view!

Tim and Ansir were relaxing in the sun.

After cooking lunch, reading, throwing sticks for the dog to chase we decided to go on home. What a great relaxing weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Louisiana. Found your blog a while back. I love your weekend post. Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures and memories. May GOD bless you and yours.