Thursday, June 25, 2009

Visiting Friends!

It was a wonderful trip home last week. We were able to visit with some of our closest friends whom we greatly miss. This is the account of our visit to the country.

Here they boys have discovered an ant hill and they are contemplating how to destroy the ants.

They decided to throw rocks at them and stomp on them.
But when that failed...

It was time to drown them. As you can tell D-man provided the water needed to get the job done.

I know this picture looks foggy but I just love it. There is something about a little boy walking in clover that is as tall as he is. I was taking these pictures through the kitchen window.

These two boys have been good friends since D-man was born. In fact D-man often referred to Ansir as his brother. It was heart breaking when we moved away. Here they are sitting on the rock pile!

While the boys were out side us girls decided to make some cookies for the men in their lives. And little chicken as her mother calls her just had to help!

Little chicken is attempting to stir the dough with her hands.

Good thing we made 5 batches of cookies. With as much as she was wearing its a wonder that any cookies got baked at all. At least you can say they were made with love.

After lunch it was movie time. All the kids wrapped up in blankets to watch Scooby-Dooby- doo.

While we were with our dear friends the kids got the chance to bounce on the trampoline.

Ansir jumped the highest by far. But look at the size difference!

D-man Got a pretty high bounce on too. He was busy showing us all of his tricks.

Here is little chicken trying to do her best to jump as high as they boys. She's not there yet but the squeals she emits shows her delight at jumping on the trampoline.

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