Saturday, September 05, 2009

Our New Home

Today our family traveled to Minot to talk with the owners of a house in Alamo, ND. We have come to an agreement and once the papers are drawn up we will be the owners of this home. We are set to move in Oct. 1st. We are very excited.

Here are a few pictures of the outside of the house from different angels. The windows on the end of the house (west side of the house) are for two of the bedrooms. There are three bedrooms on the main floor.

There is a small deck out side of this entrance (the north side of the house) and as you can see the basement has the larger windows. There are two bedrooms down there and a great room.

This is the back part of the house (east) where the main entrance is. There is a little room where you can see Tim stepping down from the sitars it is like a mud room.

Here is a picture of the south side of the house it also has a small porch. There is no garage or shed but we figure over time we will be able to build one.

We happened to run into the son of the owners of the house while we were taking pictures today and he was busy combining. I took this picture. I thought it was a great action shot!

We praise God that he has given us this opportunity to buy this house an can't wait to have company in a house where we actually have room to enjoy each other. I will update again with inside pictures next week. Mom and dad get to come and see it next Saturday. I can hardly wait. I will also give an update when the official paper work is signed and money has exchanged hands.

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