Monday, September 14, 2009

The inside of our new home

This weekend we were able to take both of our parents to our new house so that they could see the inside. Here are some of the pictures. Please forgive the mess as the former owners are still cleaning it out. in fact some of the stuff will most likely be staying and we will be sorting through it as we clean etc.

Here is the laundry room it is on the main floor and just off from the kitchen and the back door.

Tim is excited about the bathroom because it is much larger than the one in our current living situation.

This is the master bedroom. It is fairly large. There is another approximately the same size but with less closet space. Then the third bedroom is a little smaller.

Here is the living room from two directions. I think mom said it was 22x18? But don't quote me.

It even has lovely brown shag carpet!

My favorite part is the kitchen. It feels huge after having such a small one in our current house.

There is a lot more counter space and storage space.

This is one of the rooms down stairs. As you can see there is a lot of things to sort and go through so that this room will be usable.

This is also down stairs and this freezer stays with the house. Score!!!!

Here is a picture of the stair way leading up stairs to the main living quarters.
We are very excited and are counting the days until the papers are officially signed and we can move in. I believe we are at 2 weeks and 3 days! Remember our house is always open to visitors. So don't be strangers.

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