Monday, October 05, 2009

Meet Misty

Hi my name is Misty. Yesterday I was adopted by my new family! They came and picked me up after church then we went to the store to buy lots of goodies for me. I have already overtaken the nice soft bed that was at the house. I think it smells like dog though!

So far my favorite person in the house is Tim. I will follow him everywhere. I heard a rumor that he doesnt like cat's but I have spent lots of time on his lap so far! And he pets me so he must love me right?

I am playing with Ansir in this picture. He likes to watch me chase my ball around the house. He also let me sleep with him last night. I hope I wasn't to loud for him. I wanted to play but the house was asleep so I started to cry! He was so nice he woke up and gave me some pats so that I would curl up in bed again.

I am not sure about this dog. He kept jumping at me like I was some play toy. But by the end of the night I was able to lay in his bed with him and he even shared his leftover milk with me from Tim's cereal this moring. I just know that before long we will be life long friends.

WOW that was alot of excitement for one day! Now I am so very sleepy! I am glad to be in a nice warm house on this cold, cold day.

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