Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New Adventures

When we moved we decieded that we would not be hooking up the TV or any of the game systems at least untill after Christmas. So far the results have been great. We spent saturday night playing jenga (actually it was a cheap knock off) but we played non the less and had a fun time doing it.

On sunday Ansir decieded to buy a new bionical. So he sat at the table for a while putting it together. Then an amazing thing happened.

Tim sat down with him and helped him put on the final touches. Oh yes we have also had a nerf dart gun war in the house as well.

Ansir has also found two friends in town that are 12 and 13 years old. They dug into the legos that Ansir has and decided to actually play and pretend. I was flabbergasted. Tears sprung to my eyes! No one has sat for several hours a day only movin thier thumbs.

And of course not to leave Rosco out. He spends his time looking out the picture window searching for rabbits. Who knew a window could be so entertaining. And yes the red bench was a special purchace just for the dog! Isn't he spoiled!

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Nana Porcupine said...

I love how everyone found something to do! Your new home looks so warm and comfy already.