Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garden Up Dates!

I have been checking my garden each day for signs of life. Today I was so excited to see baby asparagus popping its head through the ground. So far I have three shoots standing tall.

I am also very excited about how my rhubarb is growing. I should be able to harvest enough for a crisp or two before summer is out.

Here is my lettuce, spinach and radish row. It also is growing very nicely. The neighbor who's yard is mostly garden is impressed that it is already growing.

My onions are growing the fastest. It is amazing at how tall they are.

Now if I can get my potatoes to come up that would be great. I also have other things including corn, peas and beans to come up but I just planted those so it may be a while before they rise to greet the sun.

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