Friday, June 18, 2010

Bible Memory

I was talking to my son this afternoon telling him that I would like for him to continue to memorize Bible verses over the summer. He is very good at doing this. But then I began to think that if he can do it perhaps I can also. So I dug out the flash cards that he used when studying for the Bible Bee. I chose the smaller ones for my self to get started with while he will be moving on to much more lengthly ones. I will be keeping a record on my blog to help keep myself accountable. So if you do not see my list update at least twice a week please comment or email me and encourage me to continue working on it. After all we should arm our selves with Gods word so that it is always on our minds and our hearts. I would also like to encourage each of you to take some time to put some of God's word to memory also. 

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Melissa Sutton said...

The verses listed are ones that I have previously memorized and were in the pile of cards. So I started by refreshing my memory and learning the addresses.