Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Garden Update!

I have my first pepper growing on my plant. I am so excited and I see at least 4 more that are starting.

Here are the beans that my mother replanted about a week and a half ago they are growing very quickly and I had to build a rope fence for them to climb up.

My potatoes are growing like crazy and there are several of them in bloom with these pretty purple flowers.

I will not be showing you my corn as it still looks very sad. But it is starting to grow and perhaps next week this time it will be worthy of a picture. My lettuce and spinach is growing so quickly I can hardly pick it fast enough. I have taken a bag full to each of my next door neighbors and they were very excited. i also have a ton in the fridge! It is great to have fresh veggies on the table for every meal.

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