Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ezekiel 33-34

Ezekiel 33-34 and discovered a few things Some I knew and it was a good reminder and some I just never thought of. For example:  When we look about the people gathered on Sundays to Hear Gods word how many of them are going through the motions and confessing with their mouths but their hearts reflect just the opposite. I know that at times we all have been this kind of person. We go because it is our duty or because we always have and we do not put what we have heard into practice. I often feel that church has become the place to be seen or a place for socialization and true Christian fellowship has long since been forgotten. When we go to church we are to be supporting one another,praying for one another and our conversations Shouldn't contain only worldly things but also Biblical. Have you ever taken time to listen during coffee "fellowship"? What kinds of conversations do you hear. Are people asking their brothers in Christ for prayer? Are they discussing the sermon? Are they encouraging others to attend Bible class? OR are they just visiting about things that leave out there Lord and Savior all together. I long to be in true fellowship with other believers. 

When I go over to Chapter 34 it reminds us that we have not strengthened the weak, bound up the injured, brought back the strays or searched for the lost. We get so busy in our every day lives we forget about doing this. As a called servant of Christ we should desire to do all these things.God tell us that He will be against those who care only for them selves and not the flock and he will hold us accountable for his flock.  Later in the chapter God continues to express that since we are unable to complete these things fully he has taken our place and is our Shepard. He will make sure we do not stray and he will gather the lost and he will shepherd us with Justis. I am thank full that God is the true shepherd and that he will take care of things however I also know that he will do so by using his people as a tool. Are you able to follow Chirst where ever he leads you? If you ask him to use you he will. 
Let us be leaders in our church encouraging others to have true fellowship and support one another against the Evil foe. 
God Bless Your Day 
In His Service,

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