Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family Devotions or Worship Time!

How many of you sit down with your children and spend time in Gods word? If you are like most families I am guessing that your answer is probably not very often if at all. Our family has also fallen into this category during different seasons of our life.We have attempted to set aside a devotion time in the past  and that lasted for a time but then we got lazy and pushed them aside. Life is busy we have work, school, sports and even church activities to occupy our time. We are often so tired when we get home the last thing on our mind is more thinking. We instead look for activities that require very little of our energy like watching TV or playing on the computer. Trust me I am as guilty of this as anyone.  But then I start to think about how God never takes a vacation from us, He is always ready and willing to give us comfort, help in times of need and protection from the evil around us. If He can make time for me surly I can take some time for him. 

At our children's baptism we make an oath with God to bring our children up to know the Lord. We make that oath as parents but do we keep our oath? Do we take our children to church and expect them to learn it all from their pastor and teachers or are we also teaching them at home. Do we take them to church at all?  Do they see us praying and reading or studying Gods word? Do we encourage our children to read and study Gods word? Martin Luther made some great sacrifices so that we could all have the Bible in our homes and even created the large and small catechisms as teaching tools for parents not only the pastors and Sunday school teachers. As parents we have been given an awesome responsibility in raising our children. Let us not get lazy in our faith. Let us be ever vigilant for we do not know the day or the time when our Lord may return!

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