Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joshua 3-4 Crossing the Jordan

The Jordan River is at flood stage due to all of the spring rains and the melting snow running off of Mt Mt Hermon. It is bound to be a road block for the Israelites. But wait God already parted the Red Sea for their ancestors when they first left Egypt. So certainly God will do the same here.

I wonder if this is what was going through the 40,000 + Israelites who were standing before the Jordan River. Or were they doubting because their fearless leader Moses was no longer with them? In the end God prevails and goes into the river before them carried by the priests sitting on his throne; the Ark Of The Covenant. The waters stop the ground is dry and they all cross safely in one day! God placed himself in the way of danger a
nd stayed there until all were safe. Then as the last priest reached the dry banks of the Jordan river the flood waters returned to their rightful place. What an amazing sight.
In the end a stone memorial was built to be a reminder for generations to come what the Lord did in this place and that they (we) "might always fear the Lord your God".(Joshua 4:24) Through this amazing act God "exalted Joshua in the sight of all of Israel; and they revered him all the day s of his life, just like they had revered moses". (Joshua 4:14)
Sing Praises to Your King!

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