Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes!

  Before I begin I have to tell you about the first birthday cake I made my son. It took several tried lots of tears and frustration. You see he wanted an ocean theme cake. We had just adopted him and he was turning 9. I felt so bad that his cake looked so terrible. But even thought it was not perfect he loved it any way. Well I have done a lot of practice since then  and have come a long way. Here are my latest creations. 

This week I had the privilege of making three Birthday cakes. 

The first cake was for my grandmother who will be 90 in Sept.

She loves birds so I figured this cake was just up her ally. She loved it and even shed some tears.  

Here I am with my beautiful grandma. I am so blessed to have both my grandparents in my life. I pray they know how special they are to  me and how grateful I am that they loved my mother enough to teacher her about the Gospel who then passed that knowledge down to me and I in turn down to my son! Now we all have the Renascence that Jesus died for our sins and we have eternal life in Heaven to look forward to. 

The next cake was for my dad who's birthday was on Friday. As many of you know he loves fishing so I fashioned this cake around his favorite hobby!

Here is my dad with his cake. He was also very surprised!

Now this cake was for non other than my mother. She had no idea that I was making this cake. Her birthday was the week before but I didn't want to leave her out of the celebration. 

My mom loves to garden so this cake was the perfect fit. 

Here is My mother with her specialty cake. 

May God bless both of you and use you for his will in this new year of life!

Sing Praises to your King!


popandmormor said...

Wow, you are getting very accomplished! They are great!

Nana Porcupine said...

Thank You very much! You truly did make our Birthdays special. That was a lot of work on the cakes, they were both beautiful and very "US". We love you much, MOM and DAD