Monday, March 16, 2015

Baptized into Christ

This Sunday Dezzi and Lucas were baptized into the family of God.
We all gathered around the font to witness this joyous event.
Just before the water and the word Pastor Frahm asked the children how they were to be named and if they desired to be baptized. They answered with a unanimous YES. Even those sitting in the back of the church heard their answers.

My niece was able to capture these two photos during the service.

I will treasure them always.
They both got to hold their own baptismal candles and did an amazing job.

Here is the cakes that I made for the special day. Every last piece went and the kids had to wait until the birthday celebration to enjoy cake. But they were troopers.


They thought their cake was beautiful.

This was just before the divine service. We dressed the kids in black capes to reflect the sinful nature that they and all people are born with. After the word and the water was poured on their heads the black capes were removed to show that they were indeed white as snow.

Here are the kids with Pastor Frahm. They really like him and many Sunday mornings they can be found in his study as he gets ready for the service having a conversation about this or that. This Sunday it was about being adopted into God's family.

Here is the whole family with Pastor Frahm.

Barb and TR Reiner made the trip from Hot Springs SD to be the kids sponsor. They are an amazing couple who we know will keep us accountable, remember to pray for our children and will encourage them to remain faithful.

Aunt Brandy and her three beautiful daughters were able to join us for this special occasion.

Not all kids who have been adopted are lucky enough to be in contact with their birth families. I am so glad that ours get to. Great grandma Vi and great grandpa Leo along with Grandma Amanda and their brother Dayson were able to help us celebrate.

One more picture of the kids with their sponsors.
For all of you who were not able to join us we missed you greatly but understand.
Sing Praises to your King!

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