Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lucas turns 5

Lucas decided he wanted a Spiderman cake.

Lucas was awoken on this special day by the three of us singing happy birthday.

Then he opened his first present of the day. Brand new Cow Boy Boots. I think je likes them. There a little big but he can grow into them.

He had a great time opening up his presents.

Dezzi was a great big sister and was excited to watch.

We had several special people join is for his party At the park.

His Sutton cousins and Aunt Brandy from Wolf Point, MT

Dr. And Mrs. Reiner from Hot Springs, SD

Here is Lucas opening his present from Nana and Papa who couldn't be here since they were having an awesome adventure in Hawaii.

Here is Lucas a about to open our gift.

No way its a tool box. He couldn't wait to get it home to put all his tools in it.

One last gift from a very special person. Lucas's was walking with his birth grandma to see what it was.

Oh my his very own bike.

He wasted no time in getting on it and trying it out. His big brother Dayson looks on as he takes it for a spin.

I would say it is just right.

Now to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and eat cake.

The kids had fun playing with grandma.

Here is Dezzi coming down the slide with Grandma. I love their big smiles.

Now we are at home and Lucas decided his tool bench needed a stand. So Tim rushed out to build him one.

And now let the tool organization begin.
Sing Praises to your King!

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