Monday, April 06, 2015

Shucking a Coconut

My parents sent us a coconut from Hawaii. This is how it arrived.

Today we decided to open it up.

A big hammer and something pointy with a child to hold it steady seemed just the ticket to break it open.

Ok maybe the child was a bit too much. So Tim just smashed it till it cracked ten pried it open.

And pried

and pried.

Finally it came apart am was very hairy.

Tim is peeling of more of the hair. There was lots of dust.

Shake, shake, shake your coconut.

and sake it some more. The kids thought they heard the milk.

So Tim drilled a hole...

only to discover there was no milk.

So back out side we went to crack it open.

It had a grey film covering the white meat and it was very stinky so we decided no to eat it. But what a great experience.
Thanks Mom and Dad.
Sing Praises to your King!

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