Thursday, April 16, 2015

Circus Fun

We had a great time visiting the circus.
For a year Tim and I have overheard the kids discussing the fact that they didn't get to ride the Elephant last year but rather they got their face painted and a free pony ride. (shh we got there early and I don't think it was supposed to be free.)
Since we try to be a family who offers choices instead of letting our kids have everything that is what they got to do. This year we didn't offer a choice but rather surprised them with riding the elephant, I was not about to hear abut not riding it for another year. They took their ride very serious but loved it.  
I loved watching the tigers. They always remind me of my mother who lovers the white ones.
They were very fun to watch as they tried to catch the mans stick as he waved it in front of them. They even hopped on two legs.
This man was super talented as he balanced on the boards.
Elsa even made It to the Circus. You could hear all the girls squeal and sing out the song. While the dads and brothers made a slight groaning sound. These ladies even hung from the rafters and spun around. After they were done Dezzi said "mom that wasn't their real hair. " I am glad we got that settled.
This is blurry but she was spinning from her hair. Enough said. 
I loved the elephant. They are so strong and beautiful. From where we were sitting we could even see them getting their bath .
 The show has ended and it was time to clean up. The staff asked for volunteers who would receive free cotton candy when they were done.  
They were excited to receive their cotton candy. And it was a good learning lesson. Sometimes we need to work for things we want. We also learned why it is important to pick up after yourselves instead of tossing your trash or half eaten food on the floor, and why it is important to volunteer to help. They wanted the next kids that were coming to the 7pm show to have a clean place to sit like they did.
Over all a great time was had by all even dad who was able to sneak away for a little fun. 

One last picture this was one of Lucas's favorite things at the circus.

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