Monday, May 04, 2015

Ice Cream Maker

The other day we found this fun little item at Tractor Supply. It was only $15. Great deal right? Well it was but it was also missing a few pieces. After some phone calls and some Internet searching we had located our missng pieces. The cost a little over 30. All in all still a pretty good deal. 

The missing parts arrived today and Tim was sweet enough to pick up the necessary items so we could try It out.
Here is Ruth our designated teenager taking her turn at the crank.

The it was  Dezzi's turn she lasted quite a long time. Sadly Lucas was in bed due to choices and an upset tummy so he missed out this time. But not to worry I have extra ingredients that will need to be used soon so we will give it another try. Hopefully he will be up for the challenge.

After we were tired we switched cranks to the electric one so it could finish the delicious treat.

The finished product was beautiful and creamy and down a the bottom of the canister it was quite frozen. No one else wanted to lick the beater bar so I had to do it. I was actually very glad as that is my favorite part. 

I put some berries on it to top it off. Doesn't it look delicious. There was lots left over so we will be able to enjoy it again another day. Maybe next time I'll add a flavor to the mix. 

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