Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Strawberry Icecream

Today Dezzi carefully cut up a bunch of strawberries. 
Then she boiled them with some salt, water and Vanilla.
Next we gathered the ingredients  for our icecream base.
She watched over it to make sure it didn't boil over. 
After supper we each took turns turning the crank. Lucas was slow and steady.
Dezzi was a little quicker.
Daddy was the best with his steady even motion.
Mommy Got Off easy. It was getting close to done so....

Daddy hooked up the power to get it done.
That was hard work.
Time for a quick taste.
It was so thick and creamy. It filled our 6 quart canister. 
Dezzi thought it was delictable.
and Lucas's smile.says it all. 

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