Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fresh from the cow!

This is a new adventure for our family. We decided to buy milk from the farmer just up the road. I wasn't sure how I would like it. But surprisingly it went down pretty well. It is really good on cereal. my son was even a good sport He tried some a while back at his uncle Austins house and dint care for it at all. However he decided it tasted pretty good yesterday when he tried it agin. We found two of these old jars at a flea market and decided they would be perfect for holding the creamy white stuff. We cant wait to make ice cream with the fresh cream. yum yum. We can get it $2 cheaper than buying it at the store. I am all for bargains. Right now it is a novelty in our house but I am sure we will adjust and it will become the norm. My sister told me they were also buying milk from a farmer. Thank you for the idea.

This jar is just a spaghetti sauce jar not an old blue ball mason jar. Tim said that Glass Jars keep the milk fresher longer.

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