Tuesday, July 17, 2007

She Is Gone

Our little girl that we had has gone back to her full time foster parents. They came and got her around 6pm tonight. I was glad to see her go back to her foster mom. She had missed her greatly these last two weeks. I know that she is loved there and that they are great parents to her. I am glad to have had the experience of taking care of two of Gods little children. I pray that God will watch over these little ones in their time of need. We still have the little boy who seems to be glad to be the center of our attention again. However Rosco the dog still has issues when it comes to sharing us with the baby. These past two weeks they stole his toys, pulled his ears and tried to eat all of his dog food. I guess I can see his frustration. He is gentile with the babies never biting or hurting them. I even caught him playing a game of tug of war with the little girl. She had one end of his yellow bo-bo while he had the other. I'm not sure who won the game.

This is Bo-Bo
This is Rosco tiring to stay out of the babies reach. This is difficult because they are starting to pull them selves up on the furniture.

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