Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day!

I had a great day today. I got to spend the day with my two boys. The day began when
I awoke to a clean house. I had spent some long needed time cleaning and organizing it the night before. It is a great feeling being able to walk down the hall across the living room and into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee with out tripping. My only wish is that it would stay this way forever. After coffee, a letter to grandma and laundry I decided to take my boys into town. We dropped some cloths off at the salvation army and headed to Wal-mart. Not my favorite place due to the crowd but they do have everything that you need. It was a pleasant experience no one cried or whined about getting this or that. After our shopping experience we headed to the park for a picnic. We had great conversation during our lunch. Then we decided to go for a walk down the bike trail. We walked for about 3 miles and did the exercise course My oldest son tried hard to do all the exercises the best he could and even said he had fun. We never argued once during this time and I didn't want the time to end. I pray that the Lord will grant more days like this one.

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