Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oh, My Aching Back!

O.K. so I have the honor of hosting Thanksgiving for my in laws this year. Exciting right? Hmmm, My back doesn't think so. You see my house has been in a slight state of disarray since my Little guy went home. Most of the house has been livable but his room was a total disaster. Have you ever seen Clean Sweep on TLC? Thats what this room looked like. Man I wished they would have been here to help. Anyway, my room mainly had laundry to put away. My 11 year old sons room was of course a night mare and the living room and kitchen weren't in too bad of shape. I had just recently cleaned them. Well after feeding my son a great breakfast of French Toast and bacon we were set to tackle our bedrooms. It took me until about 2:00 to clean, vacuumed, dust and wash windows and mirrors. Then I made lunch before tackling the baby's room. I decided to rearrange and take down the crib. Its been hard to even look in there and impossible to walk in there. We started to use it as a "lets toss all of our stuff that we don't want to put away" room. By the way I don't suggest this method of procrastination it creates much more work in he end. It is now 9:30pm and I am finally finished with the spare bedroom. WOW! I must say that my son was the funniest or most frustrating part of the day. I'm not sure which one it was. He just couldn't understand how his room got so messy. (You couldn't even walk in it.) Well after some whining, crying, stomping of feet and about 8 or 9 hours he finally got his room cleaned and dusted. I'm still not sure that he understands why this had to be done. Well tomorrow we will tackle the rest of the house because I work Monday and Tuesday. Then Wednesday will be filled with baking pies and roles for our feast! I hope the family enjoys their visit! For now a hot bubble bath is calling my name!

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