Monday, November 19, 2007

Pumpkin Pure'

I am so excited about what I have done today. I really feel like a home maker. As you know I am hosting Thanksgiving for my in laws. My good friend Ann had a bunch of extra pumpkins lying around and was telling me how easy it was to make fresh pumpkin pie. So I followed her simple instructions and made pumpkin pure'

First I cut the pumpkin in half and took out the slimy innards. Then i baked it for 1 hour at 350 degrees. Don't forget to put some water in the bottom of the pan to keep the pumpkin moist.
After baking and cooling I scooped out the tender meat. It came out very easily!

Next I put the meat in to my food processor. So that it could be chopped and mushed into a nice smooth texture. Can you see it mixing?

See how smooth it looks. I bet this will make a tasty pumpkin pie!

This is all that is left of the pumpkin when I was finished.
I cant wait to show you my other baking endeavors. I plan to make Sweet Rolls, Pecan Pie, Cheese Cake and apple pie. I am also tempted to make homemade stuffing. I saw a recipe on the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. But we will see what time and patients allows.

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