Sunday, November 11, 2007

Christmas is Approaching QUICKLY

Yesterday we went shopping for things we probably didn't need. As we entered the mall it was adorned with Christmas music and decorated trees. I even spotted Santa's sleigh. I was thinking it's not even thanksgiving. I am not ready for Christmas music and the like, Not yet. I like to wait until the day after Thanksgiving. I like to enjoy each holiday as it comes with out rushing it out the door. I was looking for thanksgiving decorations and they were nowhere to be found. one of my favorite pastimes is people watching. I love to watch and listen to people where ever I am. As I was watching and listening I heard the same things from many shoppers. They would shake there head and say. "Christmas already? Its only the beginning of November. " Actually many stores have had their Christmas displays up since October. How Sad. I think that retailers should listen to their customers and wait just a little let us enjoy fall and all it has to offer. I love Christmas and celebrating Christs birth. I think about it daily in my walk with the Lord but I am not quite ready to pull out all the decorations and listen to the music just yet.

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