Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall Activities

This week is a very busy week. Besides teaching school, cleaning house, doing laundry and so forth I needed to have fun doing several fall activities. Our church is hosting an All Saints Eve celebration for the children in our City. The teachers are in charge of hosting the Cake Walk. So I needed to make some super fun cupcakes. After all no one wants their cupcakes to be the last ones picked.

I started with plane white cupcakes. Can you smell them? Here they are innocently cooling on their rack. Oblivious as to what the next hour holds for them. I like to imagine that they are dreaming of becoming cute flowers or pretty fall colors.

I use plain white frosting to create these cute creatures. I wonder if they were thinking , "Thats all youve got . White! Give me a break with all the other colors in the world you chose white!"

Then the decorations take form and perhaps it's not quite as boring as they once thought.

"Oh my goodness. I am a mummy. She made me into a mummy. That is the coolest costume ever! I cant wait to show my friends."

"Hey they are wearing my costume. I cant go to the party looking the same as everyone else. What was she thinking. Doesn't she understand how embarrassing this is?"

Now that the cupcakes are under control. (not happy but under control) I can tell you about my second project. My son decided to be a scarecrow for All Saints. We had a great idea to hot glue straw into a pair of overalls. I think it turned out pretty cute.

This in its self was a fiasco. First I couldn't find my overalls so we had to use Tims. As you can tell they are quite large on him. Then I couldn't find the hot glue gun. I have two guns at my house and both were M.I.A. I finally found one hiding down in the shop.

To add final touches we shoved some extra straw into the pockets. I fear that he will be making a mess where ever he goes. But he will at least look cute doing it. Hmmm I wonder how many people wont like hay all over the church. Oh well I've done it before so I'll take the heat.

On Sunday we decided to carve our pumpkins. I just love this activity. We both chose two very different pumpkins.

Look at how proud he his standing by his pumpkin.

Everyone loves playing with the squishy slimy guts.

Yumm I cant wait for those roasted seeds. They are always so tasty.

Here is the finished product. It looked much more morbid earlier as it had 4 knives shoved in to its head.

There is nothing like the pretty glow of the jack-o-lantern and the smell of the insides getting warm from the candle.

I pray that each of you has a fun safe evening whether you are celebrating All Saints or going Trick or Treating.

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