Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Homework Finally Rears It's Ugly Head!

I have waited all year to hear these words come from the mouth of my 11 yr old son: "I have homework." I figured there would be tears and yelling and frustration. But to my surprise there was excitement and laughter. I must be dreaming. This is what the homework looked like.

First he had to create an Egg Man!

Next he had to protect his Egg Man.

Then he had to drop the Egg Man from three different heights. First just standing.

Then on a step stool.

Finally from the window that looks down on the store.

This is what the poor Egg Man looked like after being dropped from the ladder.

And this is all that was left of the Egg Man that dropped from the window.
He actually tried three eggs wrapped three ways and surprisingly the one with the least wrapping lasted the longest. Who Knew?

1 comment:

Nana Porcupine said...

OH NO! There's got to be a way to protect an egg from a fall.
Hey those three eggs would have made breckfast! Good Luck on the homework! Will he have to do it in school too?