Friday, June 27, 2008


I have these two friends Dawn and Sarah who have been trying to get me to go with them to see their hair dresser for about two years or so. Now this is not just any hair dresser for you see when these two women come back from seeing her their hair is a work of art often donning wild colors like pink and purple. Well since I was moving I figured I would through caution to the wind and try her. Here is my story. There were 10 women in Sarah's house waiting to get their hair done. I think we were there until at least midnight. It was like a hair marathon.

This is the before picture with my long flowing locks. Wasn't it a pretty sight!
This is a picture of the first stage cutting off some of the length. The girls kept asking if i was O.K.! Gee I wonder why?

Next came the color. Am I attractive in tinfoil or what! The girls kept saying things like hey I didn't think she wanted pink! They sure thought it was funny!

O.K. It is almost done. Now we are styling it. I was so nervous. Tim didn't know what I was up to. In fact no one knew except my son who was playing with Sarah's daughter.

Here is the final product. If you click on the picture it will get very big and you can see it a little better. I had blond highlights put in for something different.

This is the back of my hair. As you can see the length is very different and it is layered. I however don't style my hair like this i like to wear it curly. I can also still wear pigtails, pony tails an braids, although they are much shorter and bouncier than they once were.
Now I want you to vote on weather you like the new style or the old style. So look for the poll and give your two sense worth.

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