Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The House is Packed an It is Time to Go!

I currently have nothing left in my house except our cloths, the TV and some kitchen stuff. I am sleeping on the Couch (it was here when we got here) until we leave. We are heading to ND on Friday after VBS. I tried to fit everything in the van however discovered there just was not enough room. So I had to take some stuff to the storage shed. It has been strange living with out my things. Yet now that I know I can I wonder why we have to have so much stuff. I packed and packed and packed away lots of things that are now in Storage. I wonder will I miss them? Or will I forget all about it. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to go back to the basics. Tell me what you think in my Survey to the right. I have decided that I miss seeing all of my crosses and my grandpas praying hands hanging on my wall the most!

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Nana Porcupine said...

I hate the thought of you moving away! You will definatly be missed!
Our prayers are for Your happiness and that God would use you and your family for His will. We love you! Mom