Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Our Church has a wonderful mission that they provide.

They have a group of people that meet every Tuesday to create Braille books for the blind. These books are sent all over the world in order that the blind might read the Word of God.

These are the metal plates that are used to create the imprints of the little dots that make up the Braille language. First we must put the paper in between the two metal plates .

Then they are all lined up in numerical order so that they can be put through the press.

This is Dianne she is putting the paper in the plates.

Here I am I am also a paper placer.

These two ladies are putting the plates into the wooden cover that will be sent through the press.

Their names are Lois and Deloris.

Here is my son. His job is to push the plate through the press. Well actually the press pulls the plate from his hands.

He wanted me to take a picture of each part of the process so here they are. This is him placing the plate into the press.

Here is the press taking the plate from him.

Ok once the plates have been pressed this nice lady takes the papers from the plates and stacks them neatly. Her name is Eunice.

Once the paper has been removed from the plates they are handed over to Bertha. She punches holes into the papers so that they can be bound. This woman is quite funny and has just turned 80. (I think)

Bertha then passes the papers on to Luella who then binds the entire book together.

Now we have Barb. She is the woman in charge of the entire operation. Here she is "reading" the book to see if there are any errors.

And this is Barb preparing new plates for use.

This is a special gentleman who enjoys helping with Braille. His name is Rick and he is in charge of making sure the plates keep moving down the line. He is also quick to spot a misplaced paper.

There are many other women who help with this process but were not in attendance this week. When we are working quickly we can make 9 books before coffee time! Oh yes you didn't think we Lutheran women got together for work and didn't stop for coffee did you? I would like to encourage my readers to check into their churches to see if they also participate in this mission or if there is another church in your area that does. They are always in need of new people willing to help! Keep this mission and these men and women in your prayers.

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