Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Puppy and 35 Newspapers

My son has recently started delivering papers for our local newspaper. He really enjoys this job and cant wait for his first pay check. We had to get a sub carrier this weekend as we traveled to Niagra to celebrate my Grandpas 90th birthday. While we were gone the paper was delivered into the yard around 1AM. Now mind you we have a 8 mo old puppy who lives in this yard. He loves to chew and tear any thing he can. So when the papers were delivered he was in heaven. I am told that when the young lady who was doing our rout showed up to the house there were papers strewn all over the yard. I am sure she was beside her self and close to tears as this was the first time she has taken over our rout and she will be doing it again for 9 days as we travel to NE to celebrate new Baker baby #5. I guess they were able to salvage 15 papers but had to purchase 20 from the gas station. I felt terrible. We had been in contact with the supervisor of the paper routs asking that they deliver the papers in a black box that Pete can't tear up or get into. The week day deliveries were being placed in the box so we figured that things were good. However the message didn't get to the Sunday delivery person and he or she just tossed them into the yard. I have since contacted the paper and he assured me it wouldn't happen again and we would be reimbursed for the papers that had to be purchased. I wish I could have taken a picture however even if I would have been around I would have been to flustered to remember to grab the camera to take a picture. We do however however still have remains of the torn papers in our yard.

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